Programs offered at IHS

Band Program - Innisfail High School

Mrs. Reilander is our band program at Innisfail High School. 

  • Jazz Band will be held Monday and Wednesday after school until 4.

  • Senior Concert Band will be held Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4.

Fundraising Events and Upcoming Performances to be announced.

Feel free to email Mrs. Reilander at or call 403-227-3244 to speak with her. 

Course Information

Please click the button below to view our Course Information document.   

Course Information

Our Course Information booklet is being updated currently.  One significant change is French and French Immersion Learning is no longer offered at IHS.  


Guided Learning Block 2

Our block 2 is being used for extra teaching time or for a homework block based on the needs for the classroom.   We call this our GL (guided learning) or flex block.

This is not an optional block of time - it is mandatory to attend as any other class at IHS

We will be having rolling doubles (schedule is posted here) so each block will have a double block throughout the week. 

Grade 9's have a different schedule to follow for this time at the start of the semester.

Friday is students' choice.   It is up to the students to sign up for a teacher for this block on Fridays.  If they are not signed up, they are marked absent.  

Please contact the office for any questions regarding GL Block.  403-227-3244 or email

Family School Wellness

The Family Wellness Worker at Innisfail High School is Corrinne Lewis, who can be reached at 403-227-3244 and

Corrinne Lewis will be the first point of contact for any students at Innisfail High School and Innisfail Career High.

Family School Wellness at Chinooks Edge School Division



We have a shop program here that works with wood, metal, and all sorts of other areas of construction.  

The students, with the leadership of the Shop teacher, Mr. Ferguson, come out with some amazing projects. 

Please feel free to email Mr. Ferguson at or call the school at 403-227-3244 for any more information