Graduation and Prom

Graduation and Prom Planning Information - Class of 2023!

Planning for Grad and Prom 2023 has begun.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lapierre-Hand, Mrs. Fagan, or Mrs. Fehr at 403-227-3244 or

Graduation 2023

  • Date is set for Saturday, June 10th.
  • Graduation will be at Innisfail High School at 9:30am.
    • Graduates need to be here 45 minutes ahead of time (8:45am)
  • Prom will be at Innisfail High School at 5:30pm
    • Graduates (no one else will be admitted at this time) need to be here 1 hour before for formal photo (4:30pm)
  • Numbers of guests for Prom will be dependent on the Grad Class size and location of our ceremonies. 
    • Prom fees are $200 per graduate.  
  • Please note:
  • ***Fees can be paid in full by fundraising.  There have been several fundraisers and there are still more fundraisers to come.***
  • Graduation is free and is paid for by the school.  
  • Prom is what the fees cover.  This is an optional event and fees will be set and finalized around April 2023.  Please call the school at 403-227-3244 for any more information.  
  • There will be no banquet - there is time between Graduation and Prom for students to eat with their families and get ready.

Grad and Prom Remind: text @ihsgrad23 to (587)316-2822

Grad and Prom Google Classroom: 5kos3lb. 

Class of 2023 - Parent Meetings

Parent Meeting - December 1 in the SGA at 6:30pm.

Slide show of what was presented there. 

Please do contact the school with any questions or suggestions.  We are always happy to hear from parents and students. 

403-227-3244 or


Class of 2023 - Student Meeting information

There was a meeting for the Class of 2023 on June 10 during GL in the SGA.  

What was discussed at this meeting.

Please do contact the school with any questions or suggestions.  We are always happy to hear from students and parents. 

403-227-3244 or

Dec 6

Student Prom Committee Meeting Dec 6 lunch time in Mrs. Lapierre's classroom.  Students who are interested in helping to steer the Prom came to discuss some things about Prom.

Dec 16

All Grade 12's have a Prom Meeting in the SGA at GL (10:00)


Fundraising for Prom 2023

Fundraising Profit per event is as follows:

Fall Fundraiser  

Mixing Spoon - complete

FunScrip - complete

Winter Fundraiser

Little Caesars Fundraising - complete

Bacon Fundraiser - link to website for sales - This is our newest fundraiser and just started Feb 9, 2023.

This fundraiser ends Feb 27 and the bacon will be delivered March 8th to IHS.  Contact a IHS Graduate to purchase some bacon and support a grad!

Innisfail Ice Show - we need 6 people to volunteer at the arena for the Ice Show in March.  Date to come shortly.   

**We must have minimum 2 adults for this as well to sell raffle tickets.  Students cannot participate in raffle ticket sales.   

Spring Fundraiser

Jungle Farm Baskets - details to be released when this fundraiser is available to us.  

Graduation Photos

Prestige Photography is doing our Graduation Photos again this year.  The booking link is here.   Prestige Photography

These are the dates Prestige will be here - March 17, March 20, March 21, and March 22 between the hours of 8am to 3pm.  

Please choose ALBERTA and INNISFAIL for province and city.   This will link you to the photography sessions for Innisfail High School Graduating Students.  

The 8 digit appointment code is for after you have already booked.  

There is a $40 sitting fee for these and each Graduate gets a half hour of time. 

Each student will have a cap and gown photo, dressed up in clothes of your choice, and one more change of clothes should that be desired.  

**No animals are permitted in the school**

If you wish to have your own Graduation Photos done, please ensure you submit a photo to Mrs. Fagan for the yearbook.  Otherwise we will not have a photo for the Graduate for the program and yearbook.





Grad Hoodies

Order is complete.