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Kristie Fehr

Photo of Kristie Fehr

Administration Support, Educational Assistant

Phone: 403-227-3244

Key Roles: Educational Assistant and Office Staff

I am an Educational Assistant and I am thrilled to be part of this amazing team of staff and students.  I work both in the office and also in the classroom.  I love being at the school and hanging with the kids each day - I truly love what I do.

I've worked at John Wilson Elementary for 8 years as an EA and also worked campus wide; Kindergarten up to Grade 12 at John Wilson, Middle School, and High School as a Tech EA.  That was a great role with many of its own challenges and fun times too.  

My husband and I live just out of town and enjoy playing with our dogs and cats.  We have two kids, both in post secondary school now.  Our son is 22 and our daughter is 19.  I love being with my family, spending time with friends, and just chatting and visiting.  

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