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Inclement Weather

Be ready for Inclement Weather days and keep your children safe! 

Please click on this link for information.

With the safety of students, staff and parents our highest priority, our Board of Trustees has supported our plan to close schools on extreme weather days when traveling is deemed unsafe for everyone.

To that end, Central Office has developed a Administrative Procedure (AP 1-13) that will allow school closures to involve a single school, a community of schools or the entire school division. To keep our discussion relatively simple, we believe there are essentially three types of travel days that occur in our Division. We have coded these days Green (all clear), Yellow (use caution), and Red (unsafe).

How will Yellow Days be announced?

When a decision is made to cancel a bus route or all the bus routes, parents of bus students can expect to receive an automated call from your Bus Driver and/or Division Office. Information will be posted to Facebook and Twitter, the Division website and individual school websites at affected schools. Area radio stations will only be notified if buses are cancelled in an entire area or community, or in the whole division.

How will Red Days be announced?

As early as possible on the Inclement Weather day (prior to 7:00 a.m. whenever possible), parents at affected schools will be sent a voicemail, email and text message using our CESD automated communication system. It is, therefore, vital that your school has your current contact information. In addition, messaging will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, area radio stations, and will be posted to the division website and individual school websites for those schools affected.

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